ExpertRating in the News

Oct 2016

Assessing coders has never been easier!! Codeassess is redefining the way HR departments hire programmers and Yahoo! Finance carried a news item bolstering the fact. Codeassess is market's most handy and accurate tool for comparing and hiring coders. Read the whole story

Sep 2016 launches assessment drives for employers to run codathons. Now employers can create and run coding assessment drives for public, to source and select hundreds of candidates simultaneously.

Aug 2016

Codeassess extends its proctoring support by incorporating test pin tracking. Now a particular test attempt can be run at one instance only. Any other attempt to start the same test pin will lead to the closure of previous attempt, making test attempts safer and more authentic.

Jul 2016

ExpertRating creates automated tests for Selenium, CSS3, HTML5 and Hadoop using it's CodeAssess platform. This makes it the first company ever to create hands-on tests for these technologies.

Jun 2016 now supports Hadoop programming assessments. Big data is one of the latest trending technologies and Hadoop is the leading tool used in the industry. Codeassess platform now has the capability to run and assess Hadoop programs.

May 2016 launches support for automated testing of scripts for Selenium. Codeassess platform now supports the running of test scripts in Selenium and assessing the completeness and effectiveness of scripts.

Mar 2016

Lewisville Independent School District

Lewisville Independent School District chooses ExpertRating as their technology partner for providing skill assessment & e Learning services to their students. Lewisville Independent School District is dedicated to enriching educational opportunities for more than 53,000 students, utilizing groundbreaking, transformative and flexible learning environments to create and collaborate as thriving, digital citizens.

Feb 2016

Independent Living Center of Southeast MO

BIndependent Living Center of Southeast MO chooses ExpertRating to provide eLearning services to their students. This center is a community-based, nonprofit, nonresidential facility committed to serving the needs of individuals with any type of disability and they aim to enable such individuals to do things for themselves.

Jan 2016


BebeInnova uses Skill Assessment tests offered by ExpertRating to assess the abilities of its candidates. BebeInnova is a leading provider of baby products.

Dec 2015

Roobykon Software

Roobykon Software engages with ExpertRating to provide online Skill assessment solutions to assess the skills of its candidates. Roobykon Software is a leading provider for Web development services.