Seamlessly integrate over 800 skill tests into your Website, Portal, ATS or Software

ExpertRating offers a flexible and robust API (Application Program Interface) based solution which allows you to plug all 800 of our tests into your website. ExpertRating works individually with each client to create customized pages with your color scheme, design and logo so as to provide your users with your own branding for the tests.

How it works

We set up a testing module, admin module and APIs for you on our server. The front end is customized using your header, footer and stylesheet.

You send us users through a link that passes the User Id and Test Id.

The users take their tests on our site without getting to know the tests are being served by ExpertRating.

At the end of each test, before returning the user back to your site, we post the User Id, Test Id and the test result to your server.

You store the results in your database.

Who can benefit from Integrated Testing Services

  • Employers

    Plug our testing system into your company's employee portal and allow your employees to use the tests for self assessment. Integrate our testing system with your HR software and use the tests for pre-hire assessment or for employee evaluation.

  • Recruiters and staffing agencies

    Integrate the testing system into your company's website for cost-effective and easy management of job applicant assessments. Give a more professional impression of your service to job applicants and employers.

  • ATS, ERP and HR software developers

    Give your ATS, ERP or HR software an edge over the competition by integrating our testing system into your software. Charge more from employers who use your software, while they benefit from integrated testing in your application.

  • Job boards, skills marketplaces and general websites

    Do you feel your website can gain by providing skill assessments? Plug our testing system into your website and start reaping the rewards.

  • Educational institutions

    Plug our testing system into your student portal and let your students use the tests for self assessment and self improvement. You can also give the option of buying certificates- either from ExpertRating or from your institute. Integrate with our testing system and allow your faculty to use our tests for evaluating their students.

  • Professional Associations

    Do your manage a large pool of professionals for whom you require a mechanism for customized certification? Plug our testing system into your website and start delivering your own certifications to your members.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless integration

    Your users take the tests without getting to know that ExpertRating is serving them.

  • Single sign-on

    Your users needn't register on ExpertRating for taking tests.

  • Custom branded webpages

    (white labeling)
    The testing pages will be completely customized as per your branding and design considerations.

  • Wide range of tests

    You will have access to our entire range of over 400 industry leading skill assessment tests. See the list of tests.

  • Programming support

    Our team of engineers will be available on hand to assist you with the integration programming. We will give you all the sample codes to get you started.

  • Flexible service

    While our service is well thought out and includes every possible feature, we are open to customizing or enhancing it as per your requirements.

  • Affordable and Flexible pricing

    Though our service is very cost effective, we are open to working out a pricing plan that suits your budget. This would depend upon your expected testing volume and your intended use of the service. Pricing options include a per-test pay-as-you-go model as well as an unlimited testing model on a fixed monthly billing. ExpertRating can also look after payment collection for you.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    You'll have access to our web service APIs for pulling reports of your users' tests. The reports will also be available through your login area.