Test Development & Validity Determination

ExpertRating tests are developed under well laid down guidelines set under ISO 9001:2015 (TUV, America) mandated policies and processes. The typical test development flow is depicted below:

01 Test Definition

We work with clients and sponsors to identify the purpose of each test, the target audience, the competency level to be assessed and other parameters. Once the parameters have been agreed upon, they are frozen in the form of a Test Definition Document.

05 Language Editing

The raw test is proofread for grammatical errors. It goes through a spell check and a plagiarism check. The language is made compliant with Chicago style of English.

08 Reliability, Validity Analysis & Review

Test-retest reliability is carried out. Cronbach's alpha coefficient of reliability is computed. Difficulty and discrimination analysis is carried out. Items which adversely impact these measures are weeded out such that only the best performing items are accepted into the final draft.